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More variations have come

It should be short!
This article should turn out to be shorter, I hope, since it is now written sometime after the events, and so things that were not clearly remembered would be dropped; also I am in kind of a rush but I do not want to put this off any longer because even though I have taken down notes of the events, much details were omitted in my notes, the longer I wait, the more difficult it would be for me to recollect the details.

The Introduction
This will serve as a kind of journal for what I experienced over this weekend of 21 & 22 November 2009 at the church services at which I helped in the altar ministry. For this weekend, a visiting couple speakers were scheduled. From the first service which was the Sat 4 pm service, I could see that both the man and his wife were greatly anointed by the Lord in their ministry in the supernatural, including supernatural healings. It was indeed rare to find a husband and wife team where both were greatly anointed in the same area. When I saw them ministered to large numbers of people, I found that both were greatly anointed by the Lord; people would be slain or showed manifestations of the Spirit when prayed by either of them. When I helped as a catcher I came across one case of the wife praying for a huge guy, and when I say huge, he was really huge, yet the guy was slain all the same. I understood from the introduction given, this couple, probably in their fifties got married only a year ago after both their spouses of many years passed on. They claimed they were supernaturally arranged by God to be together. That could explain it; they were each already specially anointed in the same area of ministry by God before they were brought together.

Bursting, and more
Well, so much for the introduction for the surrounding circumstances. For this 4 pm service, I did receive some words of knowledge on sicknesses. They included pain in the area near to the hip, bad headache, problems with heart and lungs. But I did not have the chance to release the words because sometimes when the speakers were expected to minister at the end of their sermons in areas of healings, the church services might get altered to omit a ministry time (together with the release of words of knowledge) after the praise and worship, which of course would be before the sermons; and this was what happened at this service. Nevertheless, I went forward to help to minister and pray for people at the end of the sermon when an altar call was made. Many people came forward, some for healings, others for anointing of the Holy Spirit. What was interesting was firstly this: When I randomly approached a woman in the front to pray for her, she told me that she had a “cyst” in her kidney. I told her that I did receive a word of knowledge that someone was having pain in the area near to the hip. I took authority in the name of Jesus and commanded the disintegration of the cyst and it be absorbed into the body and be discharged, supernaturally. After prayer, this woman quickly revealed to me that when I prayed that prayer, she saw a vision of something bursting before her eyes. We claimed it that it was the cyst. Hallelujah.

All in all I prayed for 4 -5 people. I usually did not get to pray for so many people unless there was great number that came forward in an altar call, and there was time before the next service. There was great presence of the Holy Spirit in the place. One woman I prayed for, got slain. Another, a lady I know from many years back (Laura, she was a Sunday school teacher); when I prayed for her, she burst into Holy Laughter. For another, a man, when I laid my hand on his head I could feel great heat around my hand. Not entirely that I have not experienced or felt such things before, but this is the first time, I experienced multiple of them, all in one session. Maybe this would indeed mark greater anointing to come for my “little ministry”. Of course, unmistakably the visiting speaker couple brought on the presence of the Holy Spirit, and I have said in the past, I believe that the front of the sanctuary of this church has been designated by God as his supernatural healing pool, a spiritual Bethesda Pool which would be stirred, not by angels but by the worship of the congregation. All the same, may the good Lord in his good pleasure increase his anointing upon me so that I function even more effectively for him in this place as well as in any other place that He may bring me to.

Angelic Presence
We move on to the next day, i.e. Sunday 22 November 2009. As usual, about an hour before the first service I would be in the sanctuary to do prayer walk around the “pool” and to intercede for the services of the day, as well as for some people I have undertaken to intercede for, and not forgetting my children and my mother and my blood siblings and their families. Somehow this morning, not prompted by the events of the previous day though, I felt led to prayer walk the entire sanctuary which meant I would prayer walk all the key aisles of the sanctuary. Because of “constant use” my body is perhaps somewhat more sensitive to the Holy Spirit than others. My words of knowledge, particularly, on sicknesses, come commonly through sensations on my body. When I reached the sound console area, on the central left side of the sanctuary, I felt sensations on my body, but not the kind that indicated that words of knowledge of sicknesses. I stayed and moved around, praying as I went, the front area of the console. I kind of felt some presence but could not put a finger to it. So what I did was that I lingered before I moved to my usual spot at sanctuary front where I would kneel and pray until the start of the first service. The people in the sound console area (there were a few people there preparing for the morning services), part of the worship team, must have noticed that.

Why did I talked about the prayer walk, particularly, made mention of the lingering round the sound console area? This is why: Later in the releasing of words of knowledge and praying for the congregation from the pulpit, the speaker, the husband or the man, spoke out and said that he could see angelic presence right around the sound console area, and the angels were ministering to people around the area. What a confirmation!

Why are you smiling away!
I told you it will be short, but just before I end this article there was still one more occurrence I must pen down. It happened in the next service, the 10:30am service; I prayed for another Sunday School Teacher. When I prayed for her, I could see her smiling and smiling away. She was so full of joy. Afterwards, she told my son, Andrew who was also serving in the Sunday School, that when I prayed for her, she had a vision of a waterfall. And so, I knew why she was smiling away! Wow what a weekend encounter with the Lord!

It is short and it is sweet, right!

Anthony Chia – Yes, Lord, it was sweet of you to let me experienced such. Thank you, Lord for using me as your vessel of ministry. May I always remember it is an honor and privilege, by your grace.

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