Friday, December 4, 2015


How you can buy my handicraft items that you see in my Instagram account, which I make and sell them, in support of my Divine Healing Ministry.

Here is how:


1. Message me from Instagram against the item you see.
2. I will get back to you, through messaging from within Instagram.
3. Agree on all that needs to be agreed, like price, specification, and delivery & email addresses.
4. I will send you a payment request link from within my PayPal account to your email address.
5. Pay me through that PayPal link in 4.  You do NOT necessarily need to have a PayPal account.
6. Payment in 5, can be done either through your PayPal account or just with your credit card.
7a. When I have received your payment, I will work on the item(s) you want.
7b. When completed, I will ship out the item, by airmail with tracking.
8. Once sent out, I will give you the tracking no. via Instagram, against the item.
9. When you have received, let me know, via Instagram.
10. Leave a positive feedback at Instagram against the item, if it is in order.


1. Download Carousell phone app.
2. Look for user, uncle.anthony or uac.duct.tape.craft, using the search function within Carousell.
3. Terms of sales are given within each item's description.
4. Payment is required before work is started on the item(s) you want.
5. If delivery is through normal mail, buyer is to bear lost mail risk, NOT the seller.


1. Most of the items are a couple of dollars, but if you cannot trust me for it, with payment first before delivery, I can understand, and you do NOT need to buy.  I appreciate your dropping by, at my Instagram account, just to view the items.

2. Shipping cost is S$10/-, inclusive of packaging and handling, etc, as a matter of norm.  And so, you need to bear in mind that on top of the price of an item, you need to add S$10/- to your overall cost.  AND SO, IT IS MORE ECONOMICAL IF YOU BUY IN A PAIR OR 2 DIFFERENT ITEMS, SO THAT YOUR AVERAGE COST IS LOWER. Buy with another person, or give one away.

3. I appreciate your buying my stuff here, and you should know that it goes towards a good works, for the proceeds would go towards defraying some of the cost of my doing the Divine Healing Ministry, where I minister to the sick and those afflicted in life, regardless of religious faith (i.e. it is NOT confined to helping just the Christians, although it is a Christian ministry).


If you feel led by the Lord to give towards this ministry, message me via a message against any of the items on my Instagram account (uncle.anthonychia), or look for my email address here, in this blog, and send me an email.  Making donation is straightforward.

1. Tell me how much you wish to donate.
2. Give me your email account address.
3. I will send you a payment request via my PayPal account, to your email account.
4. Make payment through PayPal link of 3.  You do NOT necessarily need to have a PayPal account.
5. Payment in 4, can be done either through your PayPal account or just with your credit card.

Updated 4 Dec 2015.

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