Monday, January 10, 2011

Lord, what are you saying in “these”?

It has been some time since I last wrote anything of a testimonial nature concerning my “little ministry”. Is my little ministry dead? Is there not any fruit from the ministry that I can write about? Is there nothing worth journaling about?

What is the “little ministry” all about?
Below this is a cut and paste from an earlier article:

“By the little ministry, for the benefit of readers who are new to this site, I mean the tiny bit or two that I believe the Lord is using me in, or even would like to believe the Lord is using me in. Principally, there is a bit which I am a little more certain that the Lord is using me in a tiny way; and that is in the broad area of healing. Of course, for many who had embraced the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and the power thereof, such things that I do, may not, in their eyes, amount to a ministry at all, especially when what I do, I do not do it in a full-time manner. But I want to call it a ministry, if not for any other reasons, it is better for me to view the things I do, as important to the Lord because the sinful nature in me, naturally will not want me to do the things that I do. It is tiny, yet I must see it as capable of being made wider, deeper, and greater; not that I can but the Lord is able, and He can enlarge if He so desires.

Is there any other bit? I like to dream with the Lord, and based on what I see as having happened or is happening to me, I like to picture myself as a “healer” with a slightly unique slant, a singing healer. We all have many dreams. How about a dream with the Lord? I find that dreaming with the Lord is one thing, not difficult at all, but to make an effort for that dream, is altogether a different thing, not a easy thing, because the sinful nature in us doesn’t like that. The tug of war of us trying to live according to the Spirit, and not, to the sinful nature is really tough, as like the Apostle Paul said it, in his epistles. But that is the reality of this life; there is no escaping it, we have to face it, and learn to win in that tug of war of choices of life, bearing in mind that Scriptures said that the Lord’s grace is sufficient for us, and that the Lord is faithful.”

Everything is more or less still going on, and at the usual venues. I still am faithful in ministering on a voluntarily basis, in all 3 services of my church (one, on Saturday, and two, on Sunday morning). For this, typically, I function in the “Altar Ministry”, which in my church is referring to the ministry time that we have for each service, after the typical praise and worship session that takes place at the beginning of each service. I move in the word of knowledge, a little, by the grace of God, and would typically be releasing words of knowledge (on sickness, etc) regularly, and general words of prophecy occasionally, during these ministry times. I would pray for the sick and any others, requiring ministry, after the release of words. I still go, about an hour earlier, each Sunday, to church, to intercede for this ministry and the services, at the front of the sanctuary. I still intercede for people I promised I would pray for them, and I would pray for my loved ones. I have been doing this since 2008. Also, since 2008, I have been with one of the gates (chapters) of the Full Gospel Business(men) Fellowship. I serve in the gate-committee and try to exercise my spiritual gifts and pray for people in those weekly gate meetings. I also frequent another monthly marketplace fellowship run by a brother from my church, in which I avail myself to pray for people with needs. Then, although I do intercede for the sick, apart from prayers in person, sister Liz Mah in Malaysia (with stage 4 lung cancer, her blog, Liz’s Adventure), has been a unique case, one whom, I suppose the Lord has somehow caused to me to have a “burden” for, and is whom I have spent much time, not just saying prayers for her, but have been trying to build up in the faith, to the extent that she could receive the feeding. And of course, this blog has kept me busy too, apart from my private study of the Word.

Dead or alive?
I guess in terms of the “doing”, they are still there, but of course, the doing alone, did not imply much, maybe a little faithfulness (and maybe a little of men as a “habitual” creature!).

Or could it mean more than just that, especially, in such things, tangible results are not known easily, at least for my settings. I sometimes wondered what sustained me in all these. People go to 1 service per weekend, I go for all 3! I am just a member of congregation; I am not a pastor and not a staff of the church, I am not required to do so.

Is it for the honors? Yes, but not the honors from men. I supposed at the end of the day, it is because of the honors and privilege that the Lord has given to me that I cannot ignore. Furthermore, I could no longer turn my back on His love shown to me:

Who am I that the Lord has taken notice of me;
Who am I that the Lord has cared to hold on to me all these years;
Who am I that the Lord should come near when even my beloved has decided to desert me;
Who am I that the Lord had cared to put His thought into me when I had sunk to the bottom of the deepest ocean;
Who am I that the Lord had cared to consider what would keep me from despair;
Who am I that the Lord should encourage when even my beloved has abandoned me to meaninglessness;
Just because I said, The Lord would be number 1 in my heart; even though I did not live up to it?

I remember my troubled days, how I could not sleep, and the only way I could get to sleep was to hug His Word to my chest, and called His name until I fell asleep. Who had heard me in the dark of the night? It was He, the Lord God Almighty. How could I turn my back from your love, now, Lord? Lord, you know I want to say, “Never”, but I fear once again I could not live up to it. By faith, I shall say, “Never.”

A couple of “these”
I could remember the times when it was difficult for me to function in the release of words of knowledge and prophecy, how if not, for the audacity the Lord put in me, I would have chickened out. I remember I was weak; a man from despair, and in abandonment, yet He showed His strength in me, even the strongest had to take note. The Lord has shown me honors when my closest has dishonored me.

1. Honors by the Lord (through men)
The Lord has not just honored me by his presence; he has given me honors by men. Not that I seek the honors from men, but it is good to know that I have helped and is appreciated.

More recently there were more feedback from people, that indeed the ministry I do in church has touched people, and they have received healing and ministry. I have more people stopping me outside the church, like in the supermarket, telling me that they had been ministered. A number asked if I could remember them, but I really could not remember, for I have prayed for too many, in church. And of course, it is an honor that people chose to come to me for prayer when there are pastors around. That some people repeatedly came back to me for their prayer needs did tell that the love of the Lord did flow across, through me. What a privilege to have been your minister, Lord! I thank the Lord, too, for the honors of church remembering me as a ministry partner in the Altar Ministry, and extended me the ministry year-end gift. I am even more surprised, that Lord, you would honor me with the Senior Pastor singling me out, to assist him in praying for a sick at the start 2011, before the entire congregation, when clearly there was no such need.

2. Tell him to pray for you
Even this could happen: From the Full Gospel Business(men) Fellowship, a member came saying that he had been told by the Lord to ask me to intercede for his non-moving stocks, and when I have done that some of the stocks moved. I thank you, Lord, for truly the member, he has believed, that, that was your voice, and you have intervened, and the proof of that was that he intentionally gave me a Christmas gift. Lord, you know I cannot minister for profit, but since it was an honoring act, not of money, I have accepted it.

3. He wanted it too
From the monthly marketplace fellowship (Tuas Reachout Fellowship), some were strongly moved by my singing in tongue that one of them who helped out in his own church healing services, sought me out, wanting the gift. I was glad to pray for impartation, and he received. It was an honor.

4. Will you be my mentor?
This too, was an honor. Lord, thank you for the Christmas gift from this mentee.

5. Multiple wheelchairs
More recently, in December 2010, it was close to Christmas, and I felt that morning in the church service, generally, that the Lord had wanted to minister a comforting touch to some needing that. I mentioned a specific category being cancer sufferers. I do not remember ministering to any with cancers, perhaps, the atmosphere then had brought out many who needed prayers, and I did not pick and choose; I just ministered to those needed prayers, but after I thought I had finished, a man pushed a wheelchair-bound man for me to pray. Before I even started praying for the man, another on wheelchair was pushed beside, for me to pray. These had chosen me to pray for them. I mentioned in an article of November 2009, I had a dream of seeing multiple wheelchair-bound people before me, and one of them stood up before me. But the needs of the 2 persons on wheelchairs were not specifically that they be healed to be able to stand up, and so, there was no standing up, but indeed multiple persons on wheelchairs came before me. Did it mean anything or was it a precursor to more of such, and one day, someone will stand from the wheelchair healed?

6. Almost the same, same cancer, same stage
Those reading the more recent articles on my blog know Liz Mah. On the 17th December 2010, she came down to Singapore with her 2 sons and husband from Malaysia for a short break. I had suggested that for that weekend, if she could make it, she could come to my church so that I could pray for her. I sent her an email with an attached map, but I did not hear from her. Liz did come to Singapore, but she did NOT come to the church that weekend, but I had a strange phenomenon that weekend, another woman, also with stage 4 lung cancer, with 2 sons, and a husband came to church and they were seated right behind my seat, and I ministered to the family. How strange?!

7. Leg grew in my hand and before my eyes!
This just happened over the weekend, Sunday, 9 January 2011. I was in church and it was at the end of the 8.30 am service. What happened was that I also commonly wait around for a couple of minutes after the service, just in case there are any people who still want to be prayed for, but have not come to the front during the usual ministry time after the praise and worship before the sermon.

This brother, older than me, came to me and told me that he still had difficulty walking properly, despite having operation on one of his knees. He explained that because of the operation, the operated leg had become longer. I told him that I could check it out for him, and so I had him seated down, back against the back of the seat (sit straight), and I then lifted both his legs, and I could tell one leg was longer than the other by about ½ inch. When I pointed to the longer leg, he said, that was the leg he had been operated on. I told him I was going to pray for him, and I launched into praying in tongue. The tongue prayer came out melodious but was forceful, and I could feel the shorter leg growing, for I had held up both his legs with both hands, one on each hand. As I watched, the shorter leg grew longer before my eyes to match the other leg. I was so thrilled, even though I have seen it happened before when some other minister elsewhere had done the same. This is a first for me, praying and seeing an observable miracle happening before my eyes (apart from seeing people slain). Hallelujah! The Lord had done it.

So, Lord, what are you saying in these, you have more installed for me? What must I do? Yes, I have, by faith, said as a resolve for the new year that I am abandoned to you. Remind me always, Lord, that I have said such a thing. More importantly too, Lord, help me to walk the talk.

Anthony Chia – All glory to God. Lord, thank you for the honors. May I always walk humbly before you as you have demanded in Micah 6:8.

PS: Please intercede for sister Liz Mah, even if it is for a season of time.  Thank you (Go to her blog, if you want to know more about her {Liz's Adventure}).

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