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Terms and conditions to sale and purchase of high.expressions' items for sale

[Please don't mind the date above; it is so, that this page stays at the forefront of my blog]

I thank you for showing interest in one or more of my items here that I consider selling. Here are important terms and conditions which buyers should know about, before they commit to any purchase from this blog-site.

Important terms and conditions before you buy:

1. How to pay:  
Through a Paypal account if you have one, or you could pay with any of the major credit cards.  The payment system here is administered through the secure Paypal online payment system, where major credit cards are accepted.

2. How long does it take to receive the goods:  
Singapore delivery - 4 days (1 day for processing of order + 3 days for postal delivery)
Overseas delivery - 10 days (1 day for processing of order + 9 days for postal delivery)

3. Risk of non-receipt of goods:
No insurance coverage is taken for the goods.  Buyer bears the risk.  

The postal delivery is a non-registered and non-tracking postal delivery (to keep cost down). We use a leading provider of mail, logistics and retail solutions in the region; and you can expect me to be honorable, meaning when I say I have sent, I have sent (out the goods).  

As far as possible and convenient, I will take a photo of every prepared item (with your name and address written) before dropping it off, for delivery.

There will be no refund. You will have to regard you have done a good works, but the "bird of the air" came and took it away.  I believe, nonetheless, the Lord honors it, and I appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart.  Buy (here) with a charitable heart; otherwise, don't.  Always remember you are buying in support of a ministry.

But do let me know if you did NOT receive your goods.  The minimum I can do for you, is to pray for you, so that no resentment could find root in you.  

4. How you can reach me, the seller:
I can be reached by this email: 

5. Goods NOT to your expectation:
If you find that the goods here are NOT to your expectation, you are at liberty to skip or ignore.  The pictures are there, and if you have any questions, you can ask them.  But if you do buy and make payment for them, you are taken to have exercised your discernment and make a calculated judgment whether or NOT, the items would meet your expectation.

Return and refund will NOT be entertained.

If you do receive an item damaged in transit, let me know.

6. Unforeseen circumstances and variations:
Now, it is possible that I may be on a mission trip or sick, etc. and so, is unable to keep the time general schedule outlined here.  It is also possible that the materials used (especially the cords) are temporarily out of supply, or that the exact colours are NOT available.  All of these, we ask for your indulgence.  For the last circumstance, at our discretion, we MAY communicate with you to see if you could accept the close match (of alternative cords or colours).

Remember now, I am NOT running a business to sell stuff, particularly; I am in the business of doing the ministry of divine healing, and generally doing the works of the Lord.  But I will try to do this well, too, without neglecting the main ministry focus; it is part of being honorable.

7. Consider it as sowing unto the Lord's work:
There are lots of stuff out there, shinning and glittering ones.  For whatever amount you are spending, you have no lack of selection.  Comparison will kill the joy of you being able to be charitable.  Be a cheerful buyer, just as the Lord is pleased with cheerful givers.

If you feel uncomfortable buying, ask the Lord.  I thank you for visiting; if you are NOT buying now, perhaps, in the future you could by a buyer.  More importantly, I hope one of more of my articles here have helped you in some way.  Encourage me, drop me a comment here (or in the the article's comment section) or an email.

Stay blessed,

Anthony Chia, high.expressions
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