Thursday, April 16, 2015

Do more, for the Lord

In 2014, I have decided to go full-time with my ministry, and so, I have left my full-time employment as an Accountant.  I am a Chartered Accountant by profession, but now I am a humble servant of the Lord doing ministry, particularly in the area of divine healing, unsupported financially by a church, and so, is living by faith (I have 2 teenage children).

As of end 2014, I have been active in this divine healing ministry that the Lord has graciously put me to, for 7 years.  In the most difficult multi-years season of my life, the Lord has graciously lifted me to encourage me, and to function for Him.

I have had been pondering about doing more, for the Lord for many months, and finally I took the plunge.  Indeed, it followed a dream where I followed one, whom I believed was the Lord, plunging after Him, from a very tall building, to the ground.  In that dream I landed like one who has practised gymnastic, landed soundly, standing; something that is humanly impossible.

And so, here I am.  It has been some months since that dream and plunge.  Prior to this, I was with income, for I worked full-time, served the Lord part-time. Now, I am without that regular income.  Here, for now, I am NOT going to talk about the "more work I have done in the ministry" as such; giving up the full-time job is already the starting of the "more".  It is a great opportunity cost, yet I am believing I am NOT turning back.  I have to address, however, the "bread & butter" issue of where my finances are to come from, at least, towards defraying some of the ministry cost. And so, I have decided to tentmake, to support my ministry.

I could tentmake using my professional skill as an experienced Accountant of many years, but work in such area, until now, has NOT been forthcoming.  I do need to be selective in doing this work, to avoid challenges to righteousness and time meant for ministry.

The unlikely of unlikely has happened.  I am hand-making stuff and selling them in support of my ministry.  

Writing booklets on matters of the faith I have started doing; this is NOT surprising, from years of self-studying the Word and serving the Lord, and writing this blog.  What is surprising is for one like me with little standing before men, to be writing on matters of the faith and selling them.  As at now, 3 booklets were completed, 2 of which are on sale (1.  Where do we go when we die; 2. The Unpardonable Sin controversy; and 3. A 30-days devotional on fundamentals of the faith).  

The next means of income, gets the "how much can you earn, or it is a low-return work you-know! Or I am no more a kid, to collect these ...."  

What is this means of income? I hand-make crosses and cross themed bracelets and stuff like that, personally (with love) and sell them.

And so, readers and visitors of this blog, I pray you are NOT offended in anyway that I have added in 2015, the element of "Items for sale (in support of ministry)", in this blog.  I have gone back and is going back into the articles of the past (which still attract readership) and insert "advertisements" pointing to my "Items for sale" (I have considered Google's Adsense for advertisement revenue, but I dropped that because of lack of control over what would appear as advertisements on my blog; furthermore, the readership numbers perhaps are NOT high enough).

Prior to this, there was not really the need for this, because I worked at a regular job and have had regular income.

In my ministry, some people got healed or made more wholesome; some don't, and they do die on me.  But one thing I know, is that the Lord is interested in the lives of people who are down-trodden or afflicted or even dying.  There are those who are really "difficult" people, whom even regarded pastors shunned, but they are still children of God, and I would NOT cut them off, because the Lord said, "People don't want them, but would you want them, for me, for I still want them?!"  I also learned that, for God's children, God NOT only want them to be in faith in their dying days, but also to be going to Him eventually, in faith and with faith.  And so, I am to help with that too; to help the sick stay in the faith and be of faith.  The cross themed items are in some way related to all of these; and my palm-sized cord crosses make good comfort crosses for the very sick. Of course, I give away some of my stuff, too.  I am always mindful of "we do NOT minister for a fee or could charge anything for our service, in the name of the Lord, to people".

Maybe, you too, could do a little more, for the Lord.  Here is an opportunity for you to do that - see if any of the items here would interest you, and you could buy them as a blessing to my ministry, and get something which you can give away as a gift.  There are also some items that are "neutral", and they are here, so that you could get them and bless a non-believer or pre-believer whom you are reaching out, to.

The link to my "Items for sale (in support of ministry) is here: Items for sale (in support of ministry).

Healing/miracle updates:
I now also sell on ETSY, & so, you can go there direct by clicking on the image below.   Go, take a look.

Stay blessed,

Anthony Chia, high.expressions
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