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Items for Sale (in support of ministry)

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Thank you for visiting this segment of the high.expressions blog.  This segment was set up since April 2015 to sell items in support of our high.expressions Divine Healing Ministry.

Prior to this, there was not really the need for this, because I worked at a regular job, and did ministry off office-hours, including weekends and my off-days (inclusive of leave days). For 7 years I did that.  Since 2014, because I have stopped working at my regular job, to concentrate on ministry work, living by faith, I have a need for this "stuff selling".  Because I was NOT supported financially by any church, and are still with financial burden (I have 2 kids dependent on me), I have to see how I could tentmake to support my divine healing ministry.

I tried NOT to engage in too much work unrelated to the Ministry, for if I did that, I might as well go back to my professional work as a qualified Accountant.  I am a qualified Chartered Accountant, but have decided to bear the opportunity cost of NOT continuing as one on a full-time basis, in favour of doing the Lord's work of ministering and following up, on people who are in afflictions of life, particularly those who are sick, chronically or terminally; people whom the Lord may direct me to go alongside.

Some people got healed or made more wholesome; some don't, and they do die on me.  But one thing I know, is that the Lord is interested in the lives of people who are down-trodden or afflicted or even dying.  There are those who are really "difficult" people, whom even regarded pastors shunned, but they are still children of God, and I would NOT cut them off, because the Lord said, "People don't want them, but would you want them, for me, for I still want them?!"  I also learned that, for God's children, God NOT only want them to be in faith in their dying days, but also to be going to Him eventually, in faith and with faith.  And so, I am to help with that too; to help the sick stay in the faith and be of faith. 

Enough said, let's see if any of the items here would interest you.  Even if you have no use for the items here, you could still support me and my ministry, and get something which you can give away as a gift.  There are also some items that are "neutral", and they are here, so that you could get them and bless a non-believer or pre-believer whom you are reaching out, to.

N O W,   T H E   I T E M S   O N   S A L E:
Lastest update (4 Dec 2015): Now you can see my items on Instagram, and you can buy easily via the procedure established.  Go to my Instagram account - uncle.anthonychia & click on the link in my profile page, to know how. 

Alternatively, you can go here, directly, to read of the procedure - How to buy what you see on my Instagram account - uncle.anthonychia

I also sell on ETSY, & so, you can go there direct by clicking on the image below. 

Item 01 - Palm-sized cross
I made them personally, with love, from cords/ropes.  

The cords are of a number of types, and most are having tiny patterns/markings on them.

Approx. dimensions: 8.5 cm x 11.5 cm x 2.5 cm.

There are various colour combinations possible.   From existing sales, I noted that it is a matter of personal preferences when it comes to this aspect.

Ideal as gifts for salvation, baptism or first communion. Good as Christmas gifts or gift exchanges among believers. They can be placed in home, office or vehicles.  Some even carries them whenever they travel overseas.  They are NOT just symbols, and are NOT uncommon that they act as comfort crosses for the sick (to be held).  Others take it to their quiet time;  it helps the person to settle into the state of communion with the Lord (quickly), and additionally, because the cross is removed from its usual place in the home, it signals to others that the owner of the cross has gone into communion with the Lord in the house (say, in a room) and should NOT be disturbed unless absolutely necessary.  It is not uncommon for people to buy a pair (HIS and HERS personal cross).

Click here for colour choices, and to purchase


Item 02 - Cross Cobra-stitch bracelet
I made every one personally with lots of patience and love.

Cords used are 2.5 mm satin cord, weaved on elastic bands, and so, the bracelets are stretchable.

Being stretchable makes the bracelets easy to be put on and taken off.   Chances of inability to fit well on one's wrist is greatly reduced.  

Now, you can show who you belongs to, by a stretching forth of your hand. Good for any age, but particularly good for teenagers as a mark of right culture and reminder.

Approx. dimensions:  25 mm (wide at the cross, 10 mm the rest) x 5 mm (thick).  


Item 03 - Standard Cobra-stitch bracelet

I made every one personally with self-made bracelet-making jig.

Cords used are 2.5 mm satin cord, weaved on elastic bands, and so, the bracelets are stretchable.

Being stretchable makes the bracelets easy to be put on and taken off.   Chances of inability to fit well on one's wrist is greatly reduced.  Lastly, because of the the way the bracelets are ended on elastic bands, the dual coloured ones can be flipped over in use, giving rise to two coloured patterned bracelets in one. 

This is a neutral item, meaning it can be bought and given as a gift to non-believers or pre-believers.  Great as door-gift for parties and company annual dinners functions.

Approx. dimensions:  10 mm (wide) x 4 mm (thick).  

Click here for various set combinations available for purchase.

Anthony Chia, high.expressions
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