Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What is high.expressions all about?

Yah, What is high.expressions all about?
What is this blog for?

high.expressions is first of all about expressions.
What is an expression?
The adopted meaning here is the outward manifestation of a disposition.
For example, my tears are an expression of my grief.
It follows then, making music, singing, reciting psalms and hymns, dancing, clapping of hands are expressions.
So are words of encouragement, rebuke, even chastisement.
It will also include words of knowledge and prophesy. Even testimonies glorifying God.

Does it not then, also include vulgarities, condemnation and the likes?
Yes, but these are excluded here because we are interested only in high expressions.

By high I mean, exalted in rank, station, eminence, etc.; of exalted character or quality; pure, praiseworthy; even noble, sacrificial;

This is a Christian blog, so high.expressions is about our high expressions to the Lord and/or His, to us. For example, our sincere praise and worship weekly unto the Lord is one of our high expressions to the Lord; and the death of our Lord, Jesus Christ on the cross is one, if not, the highest expression of God's love for man. Also, God's dealings with man is in itself, God's high.expressions.

Although I might allow anything concerning the Christian faith to be expressed here, I am starting this blog with the hope of having more writings of the high.expressions made here. I am not sure myself how much of what I will write on this blog would fall under high.expressions proper, I will leave it to... (you know who!).

What if "out of topic" issues are written here. Well, I get to decide what will stay on and what will not. You have to accept that, that prerogative is mine.

May this blog be used by God to minister.

Anthony Chia

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