Monday, October 10, 2011

Liz has passed on (6th Oct 2011)

Except for my own father who had passed on more than 10 years ago, I have NOT felt so sad on the demise of a person I know. Liz and I have never met face to face, yet when the news of her having left us, hit me, it almost caused me to have teary eyes if not for me holding back my emotion in an open office setting.

Some of you may have some recollection of who Liz Mah is (I am not going to use “was” in this line, for she still IS, in Heaven). She was the blog owner of “Liz adventure”. I mentioned her in a number of my blog entries, hoping that some more of us would intercede for her. Liz was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer back in June 2009. Soon after that, she started blogging. She named her blog, “Liz adventure”, because she was touched by the Lord in the hospital soon after she received her cancer diagnosis; she regarded the time following would be an adventure with the Lord. Indeed, as Christians, our lives, whether it is now in living an earthly life or thereafter, living a spiritual life, are adventures with our God. I believe Liz had wanted to chronicle in some way, her experiencing of her Lord seeing her through her ordeal in the battle against cancer.

I stumbled upon Liz’s blog in 2009, through a website that awarded blog articles on the internet as the “Best Christian article for the week”. When I was awarded in 2009, and so, I visited that site; I found amongst the recent award winners then, Liz’s article and site. I followed Liz’s blog ever since, communicated with her through emails and comments on her blogs, upheld her in prayer, and helped her along in understanding matters of the Christian faith.

It has been my privilege to have known Liz, even when it was only through the internet. Her husband, Henry, has posted his Eulogy on Liz, on her blog site. Henry said this: “These were the words she shared a little while after being diagnosed

Each day He brings new revelation as I draw closer to Him seeking His face. And living in God’s presence is far more beautiful than anything else and has even overshadowed the disease. I say, blessed be the name of the Lord. I see Him not only working in my life but in Henry’s life, my mum’s life and even in my cell group’s lives and I pray that you too will “catch the fire”.”

Liz did share with me about her being touched by the Lord in the hospital after she was diagnosed of the sickness. Whatever that was of the past, of Liz’s life, was NOT relevant; what was important she confessed and asked for God’s forgiveness, and then resolved to be the child God intended her to be. She held on dearly, that transforming touch, by the Lord. I could understand Liz concerning her holding onto that “touch” by the Lord, for I too, have had a “touch” in my own multi-years affliction.

When we receive a “touch” from the Lord, we receive a revelation given by the Spirit of God. It can be like something has dawned upon you, and its illumination is so bright and unmistakable. It is possible that over time, the Evil One will come to draw your eyes off that light, and cause doubts to surface in you, but you must stay steadfast. For my own case, my touch was the Lord revealing to me to let go of a matter which I kept clinging on as that which should never have happened, God forbid! I struggled with the “knot” in me, until the Lord revealed that He has accepted the matter as had happened even though He would NOT want to see such, happening. For Liz, I believe the Lord affirmed His love to her, and that love drew her to the Lord. It was NOT a matter of Liz or I, merited God’s favor, but it was in our afflictions, God chose to give us a lift. But as said, the Evil One would come to try to steal that revelation.

Jesus received the precious revelation that He was the Son of God from a “touch” from God - At His baptism, “… the Holy Spirit descended on him {Jesus} in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven: “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.” (Luke 3:22). Yet, with that revelation, after that, after His fasting in the wilderness, the Evil One came to try to steal that revelation; Satan threw 3 temptations at Jesus to draw Him from the revelation that God had given Him. We knew Satan was NOT successful.

In the rest of the journey, which she called “adventure”, Liz persisted in the “God loves me and will see me through”, despite all the discomfort and pains she faced, including havocs the principalities threw at her. In response to God’s drawing, Liz drew closer to the Lord, living to know Him more; and to know Him more, she studied God’s Word diligently, enrolled into multi-months biblical courses, even multi-year course. She humbled herself to learn, and because she was willing, I was able to provide some understandings along the way. To know Him more, Liz, again despite her own discomfort, and difficulties, served God; she attended prayer meetings, helped in cancer support group, encouraged others in sickness or afflictions, and interceded for them.

I know for a fact that Liz interceded often for me, for the affliction that I was in, and for the Healing Meetings that I was planning to hold. Because she drew near to God, and cared for the people she prayed for, God even prompted her with “hints” of matters which she could NOT have any idea about. I did NOT reveal my own affliction to Liz until one day she emailed me sharing about a matter which she did NOT know why she was impressed upon to share with me in an email. I replied her, saying that I knew why; because it was concerning my affliction, the nature of which I previously had NOT revealed. And those who followed her blog would know, Liz continued tirelessly to update her blog. Even when she honestly shared about her struggles, she was always ending them up with being positive, and even praising the Lord. Liz had been steadfast to the end, trusting always, in the Lord, and we should learn from Liz’s example.

On top of that, Liz had NOT failed to do her bit for her family, comprising her husband, Henry, and their 2 young kids, and parents. Despite her difficulties, she would try to care for her children, and tried to pay attention to the needs of her family; these we could read from her entries, complete with photos, even.

In the brief journey of 2 plus years, Liz Mah travelled a humanly difficult patch, with the Lord accompanying as He had indicated in His “touch” in 2009. Liz’ courage and steadfastness in the Lord had touched many lives, including mine. Satan did NOT succeed to drag her off the Highway of Holiness (Isaiah 35:8-10) that believers like you and I travel on. Physical death is inevitable since the Fall of Man, there was NO fresh victory for Satan, only that Liz had passed on to take on the incorruptible body to live forever with her Lord. Liz’s end of journey here marked the beginning of another phase of her Kingdom living with the Lord. I am saddened that a friend has departed from us, yet I have the faith she is now with the Lord, contented. May she smile on us, as we continue in our journey.

I used to think many years back, what an ex-colleague of mine then was embarking on (leaving his employment to do), to minister to terminally ill non-believers, was a most difficult thing to do; I never thought then I would one day be involved with ministering to the sick, now I suppose I have to try to get used to people whom I minister to, over longer stretch of time, leaving us. The destiny of a child of God is in God’s hand, I shall do what I am to do; if I have NOT the rhema, I shall apply my discerned logos will of God; the rest is up to God, up to His plan and will for the ministee.

Anthony Chia, high.expressions – Lord, strengthen me for your work. On top of it, may your exceeding grace be poured out through me, more often than not; may your quiet grace continue to be poured out to all I have the privilege to minister to, just as in the case of Liz. Let your grace be sufficient for both my ministees and I. Amen.

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